School Holidays at Nyroca

Nyroca has become a popular venue for school holiday family camps, given the activity here over the July vacation. For the second time, a group of nurses from the Port Lincoln Hospital (and other friends) descended on the camp for about a week – together with about 20-25 children of varying ages.

A few fathers stayed over and spent a lot of time around the campfire, engaging in deep and meaningful discussions, presumably such as the origins of the universe,  and moving on to the science or study of issues associated with the grapevine.

Nyroca is a great place for kids, and children are always fascinated with poultry, especially newly hatched chickens as they appeared from the incubator.The poor laying hens were constantly checked throughout the day and the kids were ever so excited to bring the eggs back to the kitchen.

One activity which absolutely enthrals children is the simple art of yabbying, and there is always a plentiful supply of yabbies in the Woolshed Creek, which runs through the property. I usually show the youngsters how to bait the yabby nets and direct them to the best spots along the creek. Nowadays there are not a lot of places where kids can go to catch yabbies, and I always remember my own childhood, spending many an hour on the River Torrens at St Peters. My preferred method in those days was using a rotten piece of meat at the end of a long string and slowly draw the yabby up and scoop it up near the surface.

Everyone was equally rapt with hand feeding the sheep, and Snoopy the alpaca.

The mothers came very well prepared with an enormous amount of food and provisions and there were activities galore inside when the wet weather prevailed.

Another big function was held the weekend before last, to celebrate Larry Higgins’s 60th birthday. Larry lives at Whyalla, but spent his early years in Port Lincoln. Many of the Hirschausen clan came from far and wide for the event, and Frank, Eddy and John from Whiskey Jack entertained the crowd until the early hours. I reacquainted myself with Kevin Hirschausen, who reminisced about the years he spent working at SAFCOL, including a regular drive to Farm Beach, to meet the cray boats, deliver the bait and pick up the crayfish and return to the processing plant at Port Lincoln. He spoke of the respect he had for the factory manager, Mr Kemp, father of Reg.

It was a great weekend for the celebration of Larry’s birthday, and he was surrounded by a large, loving extended family and friends, which I am sure would have given him great comfort and satisfaction.


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