Bonnets up to deter preening peacocks

A day or two before Christmas, the peace and quiet, the tranquillity and the splendour of nature  at Nyroca Camp was completely overturned with the arrival of the Debois family gathering. Once Megan Debois booked the campsite for the family reunion I knew what to expect – and that is what Nyroca is there for – a community campsite and function centre!

Family members came from places far distant for the five days and from  my point of view it was a great success – wonderful music, terrific food and an opportunity for everyone to catch up with one another.

Since Christmas week there has been a constant flow of caravaners and campers staying at Nyroca, and children and adults alike seem to enjoy the facilities and growing number of animals. The peacocks have taken up the habit of jumping on to car bonnets and admiring themselves in their reflections on the windscreens. So to avoid scratches on the ducos I advise people to put their car bonnets up while staying here. It seems an odd sight at times.

The new ablution block is nearing completion and will be a great asset to the campsite. It includes a disabled unit and wheelchair ramp access  and much appreciation goes to Joanna Ralph who operates a business ‘EP Community Consulting’ – Joanna prepared and submitted a grant application  securing  $55,000 for the project. I can certainly recommend Joanna, who has a penchant for such business, and leaves no stone unturned, with great attention to detail in her work.

I am eagerly waiting for Tinkerbell,  the obviously pregnant goat to give birth in February. The milking stand has been worked on with the expected daily activity putting it to good use.  We have acquired a new ram from the Fiegerts’ farm at Edilillie. Ivan and his son Fred proudly boast that the merino ram is out of East Bungaree (but born and raised at Edilillie). Known now as The Big Fellow, he is about four years’ old, very strong and proud, and with an air of confidence in his carriage. I do hope that merely looking after half a dozen ewes will keep him satisfied,as it were and not cause him to stray further afield.

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