Cycling, snake bites and a wedding

With the onset of spring, life at Nyroca has suddenly become more eventful, with an increase of travellers moving around these parts. Werner and Denise, a middle age couple from near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, were cycling from Perth to Melbourne, and stayed overnight at Nyroca. Over an evening meal we discussed life in South Africa and made the obvious comparisons to the Australian way of life, and they shared the many experiences while crossing the Nullarbor, at an average of about 100kms per day.

A couple of weeks’ ago, Alana Crossman organised a weekend at Nyroca for her daughter Madonna’s 13th birthday, and on another weekend, Kadek and Jill Pantiyasa celebrated the 11th birthday of their son Indra. Jill discovered Nyroca when she was invited to conduct painting classes at the annual nurses’ family camp in July.

Staff from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resoures, held a seminar at Nyroca last week, and unfortunately ended with one of the attendees being bitten by a snake while climbing Marble Range. He was swiftly airlifted by chopper to hospital and I understand was released the next day without complications.

Last weekend, Nyroca hosted the wedding reception of Carli Wilson and Ben French, in what was the third wedding in my time at Nyroca. Damian Mrdjen Caterers did a superb job with the meals for a guest list of about 80.

The formal dinner was served in the Old Chalet, which had been completely made-over under the direction of the bride Carli, who successfully turned the venue into one of unsurpassed brilliancy: (see the Nyroca Facebook page). The magnificent redgums around the campsite were illuminated by floodlights, adding to the character of the site.

During the proceedings, toasts were proposed to all and sundry, and excellent emotional speeches made by the respective very proud fathers, Geoff French and Neil Wilson. The wedding ceremony itself was held on a hill at the French family’s property at Coulta, and it was only a few years’ ago that the family owned the Mena Grange property which is adjacent Nyroca.

It was a very happy wedding and a great success, with guests dancing in the marquee and relaxing and mingling around the campfire until the early hours. I couldn’t help but think what an ideal venue it was for such an important occasion, rather than the stuffiness, artificiality and restrictiveness of a more formal venue.

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