Foundation work pays off for college

It was a great honour last Friday to attend the Commencement Service at Navigator College, and present the Freemasons’ Scholarship Prize to Jasmine Slater, the dux of the school, for the 2016 academic year. Jasmine acquitted herself to a high degree throughout her schooling years and achieved an outstanding academic result of 98% in her Year 12 results. She is about to relocate to Victoria, to commence a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University. With her academic prowess and confident nature, she is destined to achieve great things. She will at least go forward with a greater sense of life’s possibilities as a result of the fine education she has received at Navigator.

I have observed with interest, the progress made by Navigator College since its inception, especially the foundation work undertaken by Kingsley Macdonald and his committee – to bring such an enormous project to fruition is a great achievement. And sitting through the commencement service provides an insight to the character and ethos of the school. There is an emphasis on Christian values, a strong faith, and music. The principal, Neville Grieger, demonstrates strong leadership, is well connected with staff, parents and students, and plays the guitar with great enthusiasm to accompany the hymns!

Freemasons provide these significant awards annually, to students at each of the three secondary schools in Port Lincoln and to the Cummins Area School.

But following an interesting and enjoyable morning at Navigator College, I returned home to Nyroca Camp, to check on the welfare of my four dozen, week old chickens which I had bought from Hichick Breeding Co at Kapunda. Hatchery staff prepare the orders early in the morning then take them to the
Adelaide Bus Depot for an 8.00am departure to Port Lincoln, arriving here at 6.20pm. They have nothing to eat or drink for the entire journey, but resilient as they are, all arrived alive and well.

One of two peahens at Nyroca has been absent for several weeks and I feared she may have been taken by a fox, but not to be, as she proudly appeared one morning with five peachicks in tow! And the father has displayed no interest in the offspring whatsoever, much preferring to look at himself in the reflection of the car windscreen, calling out ‘look at me….look at me’.

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