Inspiring visitors tell stories at camp

During the week before the end of term, the annual St Joseph’s Year 8 camp was held at Nyroca – and a well-run camp it was too. Of particular interest however was a passing cyclist who stopped by, on his way riding his bicycle from Perth to Sydney. His name was Jim Pollard and was raising money for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Jim, in his early 60’s, was emblazoned with an Australian National University t-shirt, but not quite an academic, he works as an electrician in the building maintenance department. He sleeps by the side of the road in his little tent. Julie, the teacher in charge cajoled Jim to talk about his project and his journey. He told the girls that it takes $25.00 for an eye surgeon to restore the sight of most of the patients in Third World countries, and he hoped to raise $7,000 as a result of his ride across the nation. People are asked to donate at – and Nyroca was please to support this great cause.

Speaking of people with disabilities, a family from Perth – travelling in caravans, spent Easter at Nyroca. Jim the father, (a man in his 60’s) had lost his right arm when he was a boy, but made the most of his life despite his handicap. He told me he had recently retired from his trade as a boiler-maker, and went on to tell me about how he has learnt to achieve most tasks by constantly thinking about the immediate problem and working out a way to solve it. He demonstrated the process when he helped me with a few jobs. When bolting something together, for example, he placed a spanner over the bolt-head and held the spanner in place with his knee, or his foot, while he used his working arm to tighten the nut with another spanner. It probably took a little longer than usual but the job was complete nonetheless. He did tell me however that his ‘good arm’ was telling him to slow down a bit as it was getting tired of all the extra work it was required to do.

We have a new kid goat at the camp, a lovely Anglo Nubian – fleet footed and nimble, and has been named ‘Eddie’ in honour of Port Lincoln’s own Eddie Betts – one of the fastest of them all!


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