Life is good in the woods at Nyroca

Some days I think of myself as modern day Henry David Thoreau, who lived for two years in an isolated cottage in the woods at Massachusetts, USA. He wrote a number of books and declared his love of nature, simplicity and self-reliance. My own view ‘of life in the woods’ here at Nyroca Camp, is that it is immensely good for the physical body, and for the soul, to be engaged with nature and the care of animals.

I have 50 ISA brown chickens, bought day old from a hatchery in the Barossa, and conveyed by bus from Adelaide, with all surviving. They are now six weeks’ old and doing well. Additionally my own 24 egg incubator continues to supplement the poultry stock – with varying success.

My best goat, Polly, a lovely Anglo Nubian, is currently residing at Milton Stevens’s property being serviced, and my partner Janet is so looking forward to milking Polly each morning, early in 2018.

After a long, cold winter, the bees are now very active of course, and sourcing large amounts of nectar and pollen mostly from flowering acacias and nearby canola crops. I have already collected two swarms locally and they have settled into their new homes. People who find swarms on their properties generally dislike the idea of poisoning them and are most happy to see them carefully taken away to a place like Nyroca.

Recently a group of retired Scout leaders from Adelaide made their annual week-long visit to Nyroca to undertake all sorts of projects and improvements at the camp. Their work was much appreciated.

Joanna Ralph, from Port Lincoln, who operates a business ‘EP Community Consulting’ handled two successful grant applications on behalf of Nyroca- and obtained $5,000 for a wheelchair access ramp to the barracks building, and a further grant of $50,000 for a much needed new ablution block. Work will commence this week with Matthew Heath from Rock Solid Builders managing the project. Joanna came well and worthily recommended by others and I can most certainly attest to her qualities in grant submissions.

Caravans and campers are on the move again in these parts and so are people coming to Nyroca for weekend stays. The other weekend the new Baptist pastor, Peter Hanan and his wife Sally  stayed at Nyroca in their camper trailer. It’s always an enjoyable uplifting experience to sit around the campfire with a priest. I find they are usually highly educated, gifted in the art of conversation, wise to the ways of the world and optimists about the future of mankind. I valued the time spent getting to know Peter and Sally.



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