New Developments at Nyroca Camp

The new shower block has been finally completed at Nyroca Camp and will be a great addition to the existing facilities – especially as it includes a wheelchair ramp and disabled unit. Over the years, the campsite has been limited because of the original, aged and rather primitive ablution block.

Funding for the new facility was gained from significant support from Grants SA and the Rotary Club of Port Lincoln, and under the supervision of Joanna Ralph of EP Community Consulting – highly skilled in such matters. The detailed plans for the unit were prepared by Mark Penna of Penna Planning and Design, Port Lincoln.

The annual nurses’ camp was held over the July school holidays – for the seventh year in a row. The group of Port Lincoln Hospital nurses descend on the camp with hosts of children for a week long soiree, which seems to be a most enjoyable event for them all.

Our celebrated twin lambs (Meghan and Harry) have brought great delight to many people, young and old, who experience bottle feeding the animals, often for the first time. Unfortunately we have had to relocate the muster of peacocks – to Milton Stevens’s farm at Koppio. As fascinating as they are of course, they are inclined to leave tell tale signs of their presence everywhere, but more than that, they adopted the habit of scratching their way onto the bonnets of every motor vehicle and then to engage in an excessive interest in himself in the windscreen – and I hasten to say that it is only the peacock and not the peahen that engages in this activity – which is an interesting point of gender behavioural discussion.

Many people complain to me that they cannot see into the camp from the highway, because of the growth of the newly planted trees. Many golden wattles  have been planted and provide good wind breaks and dust control, and are about to come out in flower. I am always reminded of Monty Python: ‘This ‘ere’s the wattle, the emblem of our land. You can stick it in a bottle, or wave it in your hand. Amen’.

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