Royal treatment for lambs at Nyroca

Apart from the myriad of duties involved in managing the Nyroca Scout Camp, this past week has seen the addition of two merino lambs abandoned by their mother, from Barry and Sheraleen Lienert’s farm at Wanilla. Requiring bottle feeding every four hours, the twin lambs, one of each sex,have been named Meghan and Harry, and are making good progress.They are such wonderful lambs and I can fully understand why they are recognised (from time immemorial) as being the international emblem of innocence.

Well known Cummins identity Vince Diment, celebrated his 60th birthday at Nyroca recently, with the major focus of the weekend being a hangi (a traditional New Zealand Maori method of cooking). Vince and his mates dug a great hole and heated up a number of railway irons in the campfire adjacent. The heated irons were then placed in the hole and a variety of camp ovens containing portions of every known animal to mankind, were placed on the irons, which were then covered by cabbage leaves and earth above that. The process took several hours and required Vince and numerous retinue to stand around making sure all was in order.

Three schools held camps at Nyroca during May, namely Navigator Lutheran College, St Joseph’s Catholic School, and Lincoln Gardens Primary School. Each of the camps was very well conducted by most capable and quite outstanding teachers.

St Thomas Anglican Church held a most pleasant parish picnic at the campsite and a eucharist at the outdoor chapel. The Rev. Ruth Buxton delivered a most thoughtful and well researched sermon as she is wont to do.

Some readers would have noticed the new flagpole adorning the Freemasons Centre on Bligh Street, Port Lincoln. It was erected to commemorate the centenary of Anzac, and to recognise the 12 Freemasons from Port Lincoln Lodge who enlisted in the AIF during the Great War. Funding for the flagpole was provided by the Anzac Day Commemoration Fund. As the current Master of the  Lodge I feel it is an important reminder to us all, of the sacrifice made by such soldiers, that we may enjoy the freedom in this great country of ours.


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