Students bringing Nyroca Camp to life

Over the past few weeks, two schools have used Nyroca Camp for special activities, with Ceduna Area School spending three days here with about 30 Year 12 students – in really what was a ‘shakedown’ camp away from the school environment with the purpose of spelling out exactly what is to be expected in their matriculation year.

Soon after the Ceduna group had departed, Port Lincoln High School Year 8 classes arrived, for a four day camp with about 40 students rotating through the three nights and spending the days at Coffin Bay undertaking Peter West and Yvonne’s aquatics activities. Given that it is the first year of secondary education, and the students come from at least five primary schools, it was a great opportunity for students to get to know one another and likewise for them to get to know their teachers, and vice versa. Some of the students happily helped me by way of preparing the boxes of plantings of native seeds- just in time to catch the warmer weather and to grow steadily over winter. Over the past few years I have collected thousands of golden wattle seeds and sent them off to Trees for Life to add to their stockpile. The golden wattle ‘the emblem of our land’ is fast growing and performs a protective shield around my cottage particularly as a dust filter in the summer months.

My partner Janet and I have resumed our mentoring role at Lake Wangary School. We spend one hour each week – Janet with a girl and me with a boy, and we try and use the time to share our life’s experiences, and to engage with them separately, and sometimes together, in the hope that the advice we can offer these youngsters may in some small way help them in their own life’s journey. The mentoring programme at Lake Wangary is supervised by the school pastoral care worker Naomi, who has made quite an impact and performs a most vital role in the school community.

Several weeks’ ago, Mary Kearsley from Cummins celebrated her (special) birthday with a family gathering at Nyroca with a sit-down lunch at the barracks. The gathering of about 25 people included guests from various places, including Barry and Mary’s son Peter who came with his partner all the way from New Guinea.


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